2012 Audi A7 / S7 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 28 Dec, 2016
Model: 2012 Audi A7 / S7
Pages: 294

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Manual Description
The maximum permissible roof weight is 220 lb (100 kg). The roof weight is the total of the weight of the roof rack, the attachments and the cargo you are carrying. You must also not exceed the maximum load weight for the roof rack you are using. When using a roof rack system which has a lower load carrying capacity, you must not use up the total maximum permissible load carrying capacity specified above.

Instead, you should load the roof rack system only to the maximum capacity specified by the manufacturer of the roof rack system. If luggage or cargo is to be carried on the roof, you must observe the following: To enhance the vehicle's streamlined design, rain gutters have been molded into the roof. It is not possible to use normal roof racks. Only install a roof rack specifically designed for your vehicle.

Only use roof racks approved for your vehicle. These approved roof racks are the basis for a complete roof rack system. Additional attachments or carrier systems are needed to transport luggage and sports equipment. The support feet of the roof rack must always be installed in the holes in the roof frame fig. 58.

The holes are only visible when the doors are open. In the case of roof racks with pins, the pins must be secured in the holes during assembly. We recommend that you keep the installation instructions for your roof rack system together with your Owner's literature in the vehicle.

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