2015 Audi Q3 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 21 Feb, 2016
Model: 2015 Audi Q3
Pages: 258

File size: 65 MB

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Manual Description
Turn off the ignition. battery discharging, this message appears and a warning tone sounds if you open the driver's door when the ignition is switched on. Press brake pedal to start engine, this message appears if you do not press the brake pedal to start the engine in a vehicle with an automatic transmission. Please engage N or P, this message appears if you try to start or switch off the engine when the selector lever is not in N or P.

The engine can then not be started or switched off. Is key in the vehicle, if the indicator lamp lights up and the message appears, the convenience key* was removed from the vehicle while the engine was running. If the convenience key is not in the vehicle you will not be able to switch on the ignition or restart the engine after it has been switched off. You will also not be able to lock the vehicle from the outside.

Shift to P, vehicle can roll away. Doors can only be locked in P. For safety reasons, this message will appear together with a warning tone if the selector lever is not in position P when you switch off the ignition. Put the selector lever in position P; otherwise the vehicle can roll away and cannot be locked.

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