2015 Audi Q5 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 28 Dec, 2016
Model: 2015 Audi Q5
Pages: 302

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When there is an obstacle (such as a wall) next to the parking spot, choose a spot with mo re-space on the sides. Position the long side of the blue area so that there is sufficient space from the curb. The area must not be on the curb. You will also need to start turning the steering wheel much earlier.

There should be a sufficient amount of space between the curb and the blue curve ' and the blue curve 9 fig. 150 must not touch the curb. For vehicles with a factory installed trailer hitch, or a trailer hitch installed according to factory specifications, the parking system rear sensors do not come on whenever you shift into reverse gear or when you press the P switch. Remember, there is no warning for distances to the rear.

The front sensors remain activated. The visual display switches to the trailer towing mode. The picture from the rearview camera will not show the orientation lines nor the blue surfaces. If you install a hitch yourself, this function may not work.

There is an error in the system if the LED on the P switch is blinking and you hear a continuous alarm for a few seconds after switching on the parking system or when the parking system is already activated.

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