2017 Audi Q5 / SQ5 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 17 Mar, 2017
Model: 2017 Audi Q5 / SQ5
Pages: 296

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Manual Description
If there is a malfunction in the electronic ignition lock, the ignition cannot be turned off. Drive immediately to an authorized service facility to have the cause of the malfunction corrected. On vehicles with Convenience key*, the engine should not be switched off using the Start/Stop button because the engine cannot be started again after the ignition has been switched off. When a yellow warning symbol appears, one warning tone sounds.

A driver message appears as well to explain the malfunction in more detail. The driver warning goes out after about 5 seconds, but it can be brought up at any time by pressing the SET button again. Check the function displayed as soon as possible. The yellow symbol will not go out again until the reason for the malfunction has been corrected.

If several priority 2 malfunctions are present, the symbols appear in succession and remain for about 2 seconds. Automatic headlights/automatic wipers defective. If the symbol illuminates, the light sensor has failed. For safety reasons, the low beams are turned on permanently with the switch in AUTO.

However, you can continue to turn the lights on and off using the light switch. In the case of a defect in the rain sensor, the windshield wiper lever functions are still available.

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