2018 Audi Q7 — Owner's Manual

Posted on 27 Jul, 2017
Model: 2018 Audi Q7
Pages: 398

File size: 186 MB

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Manual Description
Press the switches and knobs to turn the functions on or off. When the function is switched on, the LED in the respective button or knob turns on. The driver and front passenger settings can be adjusted separately. You can switch the climate control system on and off using the OFF button.

It also switches on when you press another button or a knob. Airflow a co from outside is blocked when the climate control system is switched off. Press the knob to turn cooling mode on or off. The air is not cooled and humidity is not removed when cooling mode is switched off.

This can cause fog on the windows. In recirculation mode, the air inside the vehicle is circulated and filtered. This prevents the unfiltered air outside the vehicle from entering the vehicle interior. Switching recirculation mode on when driving through a tunnel or when sitting in traffic is recommended.

Using the button, recirculation mode is switched on and off using the button. You can also switch off the recirculation mode by pressing the knob (left side) or the off using the max button. You can open or close the center and rear vents in the cockpit and the vents in the rear center console and door pillars using the ridged thumb wheels. The levers adjust the direction of the airflow from the vents.

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