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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Washer fluid
General information
All washer nozzles are supplied from one reser‐
Use a mixture of tap water and windshield
washer concentrate. If desired, a windshield
washer concentrate containing antifreeze can be
Recommended minimum fill quantity:
0.2 US gal/1 liter.
Safety information
Some antifreeze agents can contain harmful
substances and are flammable. There is a risk
of fire and a risk of injury. Follow the instruc‐
tions on the containers. Keep antifreeze away
from ignition sources. Do not refill operating
materials into different bottles. Store operating
materials out of reach of children.
United States: the washer fluid mixture ratio is
regulated by the U.S. EPA and many individual
states; do not exceed the allowable washer fluid
dilution ratio limits that apply. Follow the usage
instructions on the washer fluid container.
Use of BMW’s Windshield Washer Concentrate
or the equivalent is recommended.
Washer fluid can ignite and catch fire on con‐
tact with hot engine parts. There is a risk of in‐
jury or risk of damage to property. Only add
washer fluid when the engine is cooled down.
Next, fully close the lid of the washer fluid res‐
Silicon-containing additives in the washer fluid
for the water-repelling effect on the windows
can lead to damage to the washing system.
There is a risk of damage to property. Do not
add silicon-containing additives to the washer
Mixing different windshield washer concen‐
trates or antifreeze can damage the washing
system. There is a risk of damage to property.
Do not mix different windshield washer concen‐
trates or antifreeze. Follow the information and
mixing ratios provided on the containers.
The washer fluid reservoir is located in the en‐
gine compartment.
The use of undiluted windshield washer concen‐
trate or alcohol-based antifreeze can lead to in‐
correct readings at temperatures below
+5 ℉/-15 ℃.
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