2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan — Owner's Manual – Page #153

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Functional readiness of the
airbag system
Safety information
Individual components can be hot after trigger‐
ing of the airbag system. There is a risk of in‐
jury. Do not touch individual components.
Improperly executed work can lead to failure,
malfunction or unintentional triggering of the
airbag system. In the case of a malfunction, the
airbag system might not trigger as intended de‐
spite the accident severity. There is a risk of in‐
juries or danger to life. Have the airbag system
checked, repaired, dismantled and scrapped by
a dealer’s service center or another qualified
service center or repair shop.
Display in the instrument cluster
When drive-ready state is switched on,
the warning light in the instrument clus‐
ter lights up briefly and thereby indicates
the function readiness of the entire airbag sys‐
tem and the belt tensioners.
Warning light does not come on
when drive-ready state is switched
The warning light lights up continuously.
Have the system checked.
Automatic deactivation of the
front-seat passenger airbags
The system reads if the front passenger seat is
occupied by measuring the human body's resist‐
Front, knee, and side airbag on the front pas‐
senger's side are activated or deactivated.
General information
Before transporting a child on the front passen‐
ger seat, refer to the safety information and in‐
structions for children on the front passenger
seat, see Children.
Safety information
To ensure the front-seat passenger airbag
function, the system must be able to detect
whether a person is sitting in the front passen‐
ger seat. The entire seat cushion area must be
used for this purpose. There is a risk of injuries
or danger to life. Make sure that the front pas‐
senger keeps his or her feet in the floor area.
Malfunction of the automatic
deactivation system
When transporting older children and adults, the
front-seat passenger airbags may be deactivated
in certain sitting positions. In this case, the indi‐
cator light for the front-seat passenger airbags
lights up.
In this case, change the sitting position so that
the front-seat passenger airbags are activated
and the indicator light goes out.
If it is not possible to activate the airbags, have
the person sit in the rear.
To enable correct recognition of the occupied
seat cushion.
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