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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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During calibration of the camera immediately
after vehicle delivery.
If there are constant blinding effects because
of oncoming light, for instance from the sun
low in the sky.
Attaching any objects such as stickers or film in
the beam area of the radar sensors will also im‐
pact the function of the radar sensors and may
even cause them to fail.
Warning sensitivity
The more sensitive the warning settings are, for
example the warning time, the more warnings are
displayed. Therefore, there may also be an ex‐
cess of premature or unjustified warnings and re‐
Person warning with City
braking function
The system may prevent some accidents involv‐
ing pedestrians and cyclists. In the event of an
accident, the system may reduce impact speed.
The system sounds a warning in the city speed
range before an imminent collision and activates
brakes independently, if needed.
General information
The system issues a warning of a possible risk of
collision with pedestrians and cyclists at speeds
above approx. 3 mph/5 km/h.
The system reacts to pedestrians and cyclists
who are within the detection range of the sys‐
Depending on the equipment version, the sys‐
tem is controlled by the following sensors:
Camera in the area of the interior mirror.
Radar sensor in the front bumper.
Detection range
The detection area in front of the vehicle is div‐
ided into two areas:
Central area, arrow 1, directly in front of the
Expanded area, arrow 2, to the right and left
of the central area.
A collision is imminent if pedestrians are located
within the central area. A warning is issued about
pedestrians who are located within the extended
area only if they are moving in the direction of the
central area.
Safety information
The system cannot serve as a substitute for the
driver’s personal judgment in assessing visibility
and traffic situation. There is a risk of accident.
Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch
traffic closely and actively intervene where ap‐
Indicators and warnings cannot serve as a sub‐
stitute for the driver’s personal judgment. Due
to its limits, the system may not issue warnings
or reactions, or these may be issued late or in a
manner that is not consistent with their normal
use. There is a risk of accident. Adjust driving
style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely
and actively intervene where appropriate.
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