2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan — Owner's Manual – Page #172

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Personal driving style, for instance steering
Driving conditions, for instance time, length of
Starting at approx. 43 mph/70 km/h, the system
is active and can also display a recommendation
to take a break.
Break recommendation
Switching on/off, adjusting
The fatigue alert is active automatically with each
switching on of drive-ready state and can thus
display a break recommendation.
The break recommendation can also be
switched on or off and adjusted via iDrive.
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle settings"
3. "Driver attention control"
4. Select the desired setting:
"Off": no break recommendation is made.
"Standard": the break recommendation is
made with a defined value.
"Sensitive": the break recommendation is
issued earlier.
If the driver becomes less alert or fatigued, a
message is displayed in the Control Display with
the recommendation to take a break.
During the display, various settings can be se‐
After a break, another recommendation to take a
break cannot be displayed until after approxi‐
mately 45 minutes.
System limits
The function may be limited in the following sit‐
uations and may issue an incorrect warning or no
warning at all:
When the clock is set incorrectly.
When the vehicle speed is mainly below
about 43 mph/70 km/h.
With a sporty driving style, such as during
rapid acceleration or when cornering fast.
In active driving situations, such as when
changing lanes frequently.
When the road surface is poor.
In the event of strong side winds.
The system is reset approx. 45 minutes after
parking the vehicle, for instance in the case of a
break during longer trips on highways.
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