2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan — Owner's Manual – Page #178

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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When cruise control is switched on.
When certain programs are activated via the
Driving Dynamics Control.
The displays go out.
If the reverse gear is engaged or idle, the system
is interrupted.
Changing the speed limit
Press the rocker switch up or down repeatedly
until the desired speed limit is set.
Each time the rocker switch is pressed to the
resistance point, the speed limit increases or
decreases by 1 mph/1 km/h.
Each time the rocker switch is pressed past
the resistance point, the desired speed
changes by a maximum of 5 mph/10 km/h.
If the set speed limit is reached or unintentionally
exceeded, such as when driving downhill, the ve‐
hicle is not actively braked.
If the speed limit is set during a trip to a value be‐
low the current speed, the vehicle coasts until it
drops to the set speed limit.
The current speed can also be stored by press‐
ing a button:
Press the button on the steering wheel.
Exceeding the speed limit
If the vehicle speed exceeds the set speed limit,
a warning is issued.
The speed limit can be exceeded intentionally.
There is no warning in this case.
Press the accelerator pedal all the way down to
intentionally exceed the set speed limit.
When the vehicle speed drops below the set
speed limit, the limit is automatically reactivated.
Warning when the speed limit is
Visual warning
If the speed limit is exceeded: the indica‐
tor light in the instrument cluster flashes
while the vehicle speed is greater than
the set speed limit.
Acoustic warning
If the speed limit is exceeded unintentionally,
a signal sounds.
If the speed limit is reduced to below the ve‐
hicle speed while driving, the signal sounds
after some time.
If the speed limit is intentionally exceeded by
stepping on the accelerator pedal all the way
down, there is no signal.
Displays in the instrument
Display in the speedometer
Green marking: system is ac‐
Marking is orange/white: the
system has been interrupted.
No marking: system is
switched off.
Indicator light
The indicator light lights up: the sys‐
tem is switched on.
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