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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Each time the rocker switch is pressed to the
resistance point, the desired speed increases
or decreases by 1 mph/1 km/h.
Each time the rocker switch is pressed past
the resistance point, the desired speed
changes by a maximum of 5 mph/10 km/h.
The maximum speed that can be set de‐
pends on the vehicle.
Pressing the rocker switch to the resistance
point and holding it accelerates or deceler‐
ates the vehicle without requiring pressure on
the accelerator pedal.
After the rocker switch is released, the vehi‐
cle maintains its final speed. Pressing the
switch beyond the resistance point causes
the vehicle to accelerate more rapidly.
Continuing cruise control
An interrupted cruise control can be continued
by calling up the stored speed.
Make sure that the difference between current
speed and stored speed is not too large before
calling up the stored speed. Otherwise, uninten‐
tional braking or accelerating may occur.
Press the button with the system inter‐
Cruise control is continued with the stored val‐
In the following cases, the stored speed value is
deleted and cannot be called up again:
When the system is switched off.
When drive-ready state is switched off.
Displays in the instrument
Display in the speedometer
Green marking: system is ac‐
tive, the marking indicates the
desired speed.
Orange/white marking: system is interrupted,
the marking indicates the stored speed.
No marking: system is switched off.
Indicator light
Indicator light green: system is active.
Gray indicator light: the system has
been interrupted.
No indicator light: system is switched off.
Status display
With the proper equipment, the value of the se‐
lected speed is briefly displayed digitally.
Displays in the Head-up Display
Some system information can also be displayed
in the Head-up Display.
The symbol is displayed when the set
desired speed is reached.
System limits
The desired speed is also maintained downhill.
The speed may not be maintained on uphill
grades if the engine power is insufficient.
In ECO PRO driving mode, the vehicle may ex‐
ceed or drop below the set desired speed in
some situations, for instance on downhill or uphill
Active Cruise Control with
Stop & Go function ACC
Using this system, a desired speed and a dis‐
tance to a vehicle ahead can be adjusted using
the buttons on the steering wheel.
The system maintains the desired speed on
clear roads. For this purpose, the vehicle acceler‐
ates or brakes automatically.
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