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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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tance. It may not be possible to restore the se‐
lected distance in certain situations, including if
you are driving significantly faster than vehicles
driving ahead of you, for instance when rapidly
approaching a truck. When a vehicle driving
ahead of you is reliably detected, the system re‐
quests that the driver intervene by braking and
carrying out evasive maneuvers, if needed.
If the desired speed is too high for a curve, the
speed is reduced slightly, although curves can‐
not be anticipated in advance. Therefore, drive
into a curve at an appropriate speed.
The system has a limited detection range. Situa‐
tions can arise in tight curves where a vehicle
driving ahead will not be detected or will be de‐
tected very late.
When you approach a curve the system may
briefly report vehicles in the next lane due to the
bend of the curve. If the system decelerates you
may compensate it by briefly accelerating. After
releasing the accelerator pedal the system is re‐
activated and controls speed independently.
Driving off
In some situations, the vehicle cannot drive off
automatically; for example:
On steep uphill grades.
In front of bumps in the road.
In these cases, step on the accelerator pedal.
The following restrictions can occur under unfav‐
orable weather or light conditions:
Poorer vehicle recognition.
Short-term interruptions for vehicles that are
already recognized.
Examples of unfavorable weather or light condi‐
Wet conditions.
Drive attentively, and react to the current traffic
situation. If necessary, intervene actively, for in‐
stance by braking, steering or evading.
Engine power
The desired speed is also maintained downhill.
The speed may not be maintained on uphill
grades if the engine power is insufficient.
In ECO PRO driving mode, the vehicle may in‐
tentionally exceed or drop below the set desired
speed in some situations, for instance on down‐
hill or uphill grades.
Radar sensor
The system cannot be activated if the radar sen‐
sor is not aligned correctly. This may be caused
by damage incurred, for instance during parking.
A Check Control message is displayed if the sys‐
tem fails.
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