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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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The function is available below walking speed
when driving in reverse or rolling backward.
A press of the accelerator pedal interrupts the
braking intervention.
After emergency braking to a stop, further creep‐
ing toward an obstacle is possible. To creep to‐
ward the obstacle, lightly press the accelerator
pedal and release it again.
If the accelerator pedal is heavily depressed, the
vehicle drives off as usual. Manual braking is pos‐
sible at any time.
The system uses the ultrasound sensors of PDC
and parking assistant.
Safety information
The system cannot serve as a substitute for the
driver’s personal judgment in assessing the
traffic conditions. There is a risk of accident.
Adjust driving style to traffic conditions. Watch
traffic and vehicle surroundings closely and ac‐
tively intervene where appropriate.
Activating/deactivating the system
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle settings"
3. "Parking"
4. "Active PDC with braking interv."
5. "Active PDC with braking interv."
The setting is stored for the driver profile cur‐
rently used.
System limits
The system cannot be used in the following sit‐
uations, for example:
When driving with a trailer.
If required, deactivate the system via iDrive
where applicable.
With Parking Assistant: side
The system warns of obstacles on the side of
the vehicle.
General information
The system uses the ultrasound sensors of PDC
and parking assistant.
To protect the sides of the vehicle, obstacle
markings are displayed on the sides of the vehi‐
Color markings: warning against detected ob‐
Gray markings, hatched area: no obstacles
were detected.
No markings, black area: the area next to the
vehicle was not yet captured.
Limits of side protection
The system only displays stationary obstacles
that were previously detected by sensors while
passing them.
The system does not detect whether an obstacle
moves later on. If the vehicle is stationary, the
markings are shown in black after a certain time.
The area next to the vehicle must be newly cap‐
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