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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Reactivate the parking assistant, refer to
page 205, and follow the instructions on the
Control Display.
Switching off
The system can be switched off manually:
Press the park assistance button.
Switching signal tone for
suitable parking spaces on/off
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle settings"
3. "Parking"
4. "Parking Assistant"
5. "Sound if parking space detected"
The setting is stored for the driver profile cur‐
rently used.
Driving out of a parking space
using the parking assistant
The system makes driving out of parallel parking
spaces easier.
General information
Steptronic transmission
The parking assistant calculates an optimal line
for pulling out of a parking space and takes con‐
trol of the following functions during the maneu‐
Accelerating and braking.
Changing the gears.
The vehicle maneuvers automatically until the
vehicle reaches a position in which the driver can
drive out of the parking space without further
steering movements.
Functional requirement
The vehicle has been parked using the park‐
ing assistant.
An obstacle has been detected in front of the
The parking space is at least 2.6 ft/0.8 m lon‐
ger than your vehicle.
Driving out of parking spaces
1. Switch on drive-ready state.
2. Steptronic transmission:
Press the park assistance button or shift into
reverse gear when the vehicle is stationary to
switch on the parking assistant.
3. Move the Controller to the right.
4. Activate the parking assistant on the Control
Display: "Parking Assistant"
5. Steptronic transmission:
The system takes control of the maneuver. A
message will be displayed at the end of the
6. Make sure that the traffic situation permits
driving out of the parking space and drive off
as usual.
The parking assistant is switched off auto‐
Back-up assistant
The system supports the driver when driving in
reverse, for instance when driving out of tight
parking or street situations.
The vehicle stores the driving movements of the
last route before the vehicle is switched off. This
stored route can be driven back with automated
General information
The system takes control of the steering when
driving in reverse along the stored route.
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Driver assistance systems
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