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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Air conditioning is switched on with the engine
Depending on the weather, the windshield and
side windows may fog up briefly when drive-
ready state is switched on.
The cooling function is switched on automati‐
cally with the AUTO program.
When using the automatic climate control, con‐
densation water develops and collects under‐
neath the vehicle.
Maximum cooling
The system is set to the lowest temperature, op‐
timum air flow and recirculated-air mode with the
drive-ready state switched on.
General information
The function is available with external tempera‐
tures above approx. 32 ℉/0 ℃ and with the
drive-ready state switched on.
Switching on/off
Press the button.
The LED is illuminated with the system
switched on.
Air flows out of the vents to the upper body re‐
gion. The vents need to be open for this.
Adjust air flow on the driver's side with the pro‐
gram active.
AUTO program
The AUTO program cools, ventilates or heats
the car's interior automatically.
The air distribution and temperature are control‐
led automatically depending on the temperature
in the car's interior and the desired temperature
setting including the selected intensity of the air
Switching on/off
Press the button.
The LED is illuminated with the AUTO
program switched on.
Depending on the selected temperature, the in‐
tensity of the AUTO program, and outside influ‐
ences, the air is directed to the windshield, side
windows, upper body, and into the floor area.
The air conditioning, refer to page 217, is
switched on automatically with the AUTO pro‐
Point the side vents toward the side windows.
At the same time, a condensation sensor con‐
trols the program so as to prevent window con‐
densation as much as possible.
The AUTO program is switched off automati‐
cally, when manual air distribution is set.
With the AUTO program switched on, the inten‐
sity can be adjusted. This changes the automatic
control for the air flow and air distribution.
Press the lower or upper side of the
button: decrease or increase intensity.
The selected intensity is shown on the display of
the automatic climate control.
Automatic recirculated-air
control AUC
The automatic recirculated-air control AUC rec‐
ognizes odors or pollutants in the outside air.
The outside air supply is shut off and the interior
air is recirculated.
General information
If the system is activated, a sensor detects pollu‐
tants in the outside air and controls the shut-off
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Climate control
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