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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Interior equipment
Vehicle features and
This chapter describes all standard, country-spe‐
cific and optional features offered with the series.
It also describes features that are not necessarily
available in your vehicle, for instance, due to the
selected options or country versions. This also
applies to safety-related functions and systems.
When using these functions and systems, the
applicable laws and regulations must be ob‐
Integrated Universal
Remote Control
The integrated Universal Remote Control in the
interior mirror can operate up to 3 functions of
remote-controlled systems such as garage door
drives, barriers, or lighting systems.
General information
The Integrated Universal Remote Control repla‐
ces up to 3 different hand-held transmitters. To
operate the remote control, the buttons on the
interior mirror must be programmed with the de‐
sired functions. The hand-held transmitter for the
particular system is required in order to program
the remote control.
Before selling the vehicle, delete the stored func‐
tions for the sake of security.
If possible, do not install the antenna of the re‐
mote-controlled system, e.g. the garage door
drive, near metal objects to ensure the best pos‐
sible operation.
Safety information
The operation of remote-controlled systems
with the integrated universal remote control,
such as the garage door, may result in injury,
for example, body parts becoming jammed in a
garage door. There is a risk of injury or risk of
damage to property. Make sure that the area of
movement of the respective system is clear
during programming and operation. Also follow
the safety information of the hand-held trans‐
If this symbol is printed on the packaging
or in the owner's manual of the system to
be controlled, the system is generally
compatible with the integrated Universal Remote
Additional questions are answered by:
A dealer's service center or another qualified
service center or repair shop.
www.homelink.com on the Internet.
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Interior equipment
Online Edition for Part no. 01402779051 - II/19

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