2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan — Owner's Manual – Page #276

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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3. Insert the connector into the power socket in‐
side the vehicle.
4. Correct the tire inflation pressure to at least
2.0 bar.
Increase tire inflation pressure: with
standby state switched on or the engine
running, switch on the compressor.
Reduce tire inflation pressure: press the
button on the compressor.
5. Unscrew the connection hose of the com‐
pressor from the tire valve.
6. Pull the connector out of the power socket
inside the vehicle.
7. Stow the Mobility System in the vehicle.
Continuing the trip
Do not exceed the maximum permissible speed
of 50 mph/80 km/h.
Reinitialize the run-flat tires, refer to page 284.
Reset the Tire Pressure Monitor TPM, refer to
page 277.
Replace the nonworking tire and the sealant con‐
tainer of the Mobility System promptly.
Snow chains
Safety information
With the mounting of snow chains on unsuita‐
ble tires, the snow chains can come into con‐
tact with vehicle parts. There may be a risk of
accident or risk of damage to property. Only
mount snow chains on tires that are designated
by their manufacturer as suitable for the use of
snow chains.
Insufficiently tight snow chains may damage
tires and vehicle components. There may be a
risk of accident or risk of damage to property.
Make sure that the snow chains are always suf‐
ficiently tight. Re-tighten as needed according
to the snow chain manufacturer's instructions.
Fine-link snow chains
The manufacturer of the vehicle recommends
the use of fine-link snow chains. Certain types of
fine-link snow chains have been tested by the
manufacturer of the vehicle and recommended
as road-safe and suitable.
Information regarding suitable snow chains is
available from a dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair shop.
Use only in pairs on the rear wheels, equipped
with the tires of the following size:
225/50 R17.
225/45 R18.
255/40 R18.
Follow the snow chain manufacturer's instruc‐
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Wheels and tires
Online Edition for Part no. 01402779051 - II/19

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