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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Do not initialize the Flat Tire Monitor after
mounting snow chains, as doing so may result in
incorrect readings.
Do not reset the Tire Pressure Monitor TPM af‐
ter mounting snow chains, as doing so may re‐
sult in incorrect readings.
When driving with snow chains, briefly activate
Dynamic Traction Control DTC to optimize the
forward momentum.
Maximum speed with snow
Do not exceed a speed of 30 mph/50 km/h when
using snow chains.
Tire Pressure Monitor TPM
The system monitors tire inflation pressure in the
four mounted tires. The system warns you if
there is a loss of pressure in one or more tires.
General information
Sensors in the tire valves measure the tire infla‐
tion pressure and tire temperature.
The system detects the mounted tires automati‐
cally. The system displays the specified nominal
pressure values on the Control Display and com‐
pares these values to the actual tire pressure val‐
If tires are being used that are not specified on
the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle,
refer to page 262, such as tires with special ap‐
proval, the system needs to be actively reset.
The system will then take over the actual tire in‐
flation pressures as the target pressures.
When operating the system, also note the addi‐
tional information found in the Tire inflation pres‐
sure, refer to page 262, chapter.
Safety information
The display of the target pressures is not a
substitute for the tire inflation pressure details
on the vehicle. Incorrect entries in the tire set‐
tings can lead to incorrect target tire inflation
pressure values. In this case, it cannot be guar‐
anteed that the notification of a loss of tire infla‐
tion pressure will be reliable. There is a risk of
injury and risk of damage to property. Ensure
that the tire sizes of the mounted tires are dis‐
played correctly and match the details on the
tires and on the vehicle.
Functional requirements
The following conditions must be met for the
system; otherwise, reliable flagging of a loss of
tire inflation pressure is not assured:
After each tire or wheel change, the system
detects and updates the mounted tires and
displays them after a short trip on the Control
Enter the information about the mounted
tires in the tire settings when the system
does not automatically detect the tires.
For tires with special approval:
After a tire or wheel replacement, a reset
was performed with the correct tire infla‐
tion pressure.
After the tire inflation pressure was ad‐
justed to a new value, a reset was per‐
Wheels with TPM wheel electronics.
Tire settings
General information
The information about the mounted tires can be
entered in the tire settings if the system does not
automatically detect the tires.
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