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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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The tire sizes of the mounted tires can be gath‐
ered from the tire inflation pressure details on the
vehicle, refer to page 262, or directly on the tires.
The tire details do not need to be re-entered
when the tire inflation pressure is corrected.
For summer and winter tires, the tire details en‐
tered last are stored. After a tire or wheel re‐
placement, the settings of the tire sets used last
can be selected.
Opening the menu
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Tire Pressure Monitor"
Changing settings
Via iDrive:
"Tire settings"
2. Selecting tires:
"Summer tires"
"Winter tires/all-season tires"
3. "Current:"
4. Select the tire type that is mounted on the
rear axle:
Tire size, e.g., 245/45 R18 96 Y.
For tires with special approval: "Other tire"
5. Select the maximum road speed that will be
used with the tires.
6. "Confirm settings"
The measurement of the current tire inflation
pressure is started. The measurement progress
is displayed.
Status display
Current status
The system status can be displayed on the Con‐
trol Display, e.g., whether or not the system is ac‐
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Tire Pressure Monitor"
The current status is displayed.
Current tire inflation pressure
The current tire inflation pressure is displayed for
each tire.
The current tire inflation pressures may change
during driving operation or depending on the ex‐
ternal temperature.
Current tire temperature
Depending on the model, the current tire tem‐
peratures are displayed.
The current tire temperatures may change while
driving or due to the external temperature.
Target pressure
The target pressure for the tires on the front and
rear axles is displayed.
The target pressures are values stored in the ve‐
The specified target pressures take the influence
of driving operation and external temperature on
the tire temperature into account. The appropri‐
ate target pressure is always displayed, inde‐
pendent of the weather situation, tire tempera‐
tures and driving times.
The displayed target pressure may change and
may differ from the tire inflation pressure details
on the door pillar of the driver's door. The tire in‐
flation pressure can thus be corrected to the
value of the displayed target pressures.
The target pressure is immediately adjusted if
the vehicle load is changed in the tire settings.
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