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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Vehicle handling with damaged tires
Vehicles driven with a damaged tire will handle
differently, potentially leading to conditions such
as the following:
Greater likelihood of swerving off course.
Longer braking distances.
Changed self-steering properties.
Modify your driving style. Avoid abrupt steering
maneuvers or driving over obstacles, for instance
curbs or potholes.
Final tire failure
Vibrations or loud noises while driving can indi‐
cate the final failure of a tire.
Reduce speed and stop; otherwise, pieces of the
tire could come loose and cause an accident.
Do not continue driving. Contact a dealer’s serv‐
ice center or another qualified service center or
repair shop.
System limits
The system could be delayed or malfunction in
the following situations:
A natural, even tire inflation pressure loss in
all four tires will not be recognized. Therefore,
check the tire inflation pressure regularly.
Sudden serious tire damage caused by exter‐
nal circumstances cannot be recognized in
When the system has not been initialized.
When driving on a snowy or slippery road sur‐
Sporty driving style: spinning traction wheels,
high lateral acceleration (drifting).
When driving with snow chains.
Changing wheels/tires
General information
When using run-flat tires or a flat tire kit, a wheel
does not always need to be changed immedi‐
ately when there is a loss of tire inflation pressure
due to a flat tire.
If needed, the tools for changing wheels are
available as accessories from a dealer’s service
center or another qualified service center or re‐
pair shop.
Safety information
The vehicle jack is only provided for short-term
lifting of the vehicle for wheel changes. Even if
all safety measures are observed, there is a risk
of the raised vehicle falling, if the vehicle jack
tips over. There is a risk of injuries or danger to
life. If the vehicle is raised, do not lie under the
vehicle and do not start the engine.
Supports such as wooden blocks under the ve‐
hicle jack reduce the capacity of the vehicle
jack to bear weight. They have the potential to
exert too much strain on the vehicle jack, caus‐
ing it to tip over and the vehicle to fall. There is
a risk of injuries or danger to life. Do not place
supports under the vehicle jack.
The jack, issued by the vehicle manufacturer, is
provided in order to perform a wheel change in
the event of a breakdown. The jack is not de‐
signed for frequent use; for example, changing
from summer to winter tires. Using the jack fre‐
quently may cause it to become jammed or
damaged. There is a risk of injury and risk of
damage to property. Only use the jack to attach
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Wheels and tires
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