2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan — Owner's Manual – Page #309

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
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Standby state is switched on.
Starting BMW Accident
If an accident is detected
A text message relating to BMW Accident Assis‐
tance appears on the Control Display.
The connection can be established directly:
"BMW Accident Assist."
The Check Control message for BMW Accident
Assistance can also be called up from the stored
Check Control messages, refer to page 131, for
a certain length of time.
Starting manually
BMW Accident Assistance can also be con‐
tacted independently of the automatic accident
detection function.
Via iDrive:
2. "BMW Assist"
3. "BMW Accident Assistance"
Follow the displays on the Control Display. A
voice connection is established.
4. "End call"
The voice connection can be terminated.
Emergency Request
Intelligent emergency call
In case of an emergency, an Emergency Re‐
quest can be triggered automatically by the sys‐
tem or manually.
General information
Only press the SOS button in an emergency.
The Intelligent Assist system establishes a con‐
nection with the BMW Response Center.
For technical reasons, the Emergency Request
cannot be guaranteed under unfavorable condi‐
SOS button in the roofliner.
Functional requirements
Standby state is switched on.
The Assist system is functional.
If the vehicle is equipped with intelligent
emergency call: the SIM card integrated in
the vehicle has been activated.
Automatic triggering
Under certain conditions, for instance if the air‐
bags trigger, an Emergency Request is automati‐
cally initiated immediately after an accident of
corresponding severity. Automatic Collision Noti‐
fication is not affected by pressing the SOS but‐
Manual triggering
Tap the cover.
2. Press and hold the SOS button until the LED
in the area of the button illuminates green.
The LED is illuminated green when an Emer‐
gency Request has been initiated.
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Breakdown assistance
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