2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan — Owner's Manual – Page #61

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW 3 Series Sedan
Pages: 342

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Vehicle features and
This chapter describes all standard, country-spe‐
cific and optional features offered with the series.
It also describes features that are not necessarily
available in your vehicle, for instance, due to the
selected options or country versions. This also
applies to safety-related functions and systems.
When using these functions and systems, the
applicable laws and regulations must be ob‐
General information
You can use the following media formats to call
up the content in the Owner's Manual:
Printed Owner's Manual, refer to page 61.
Integrated Owner's Manual in the vehicle, re‐
fer to page 61.
Printed Owner's Manual
The printed Owner's Manual describes all stand‐
ard, country-specific, and optional features of‐
fered with the series.
General information
The Owner's Manual for Navigation, Entertain‐
ment, and Communication can be obtained as a
printed book from the service center.
Supplementary Owner's Manuals
Also follow the instructions of the Supplementary
Owner's Manuals, which are included in addition
to the onboard literature.
Integrated Owner's Manual
in the vehicle
The Integrated Owner's Manual specifically de‐
scribes features and functions found in the vehi‐
The Integrated Owner's Manual can be displayed
on the Control Display.
Selecting the Owner's Manual
1. Press the button.
2. "My Vehicle"
3. "Owner's Manual"
4. Select the desired method of accessing the
Scrolling through the Owner's
Turn the Controller, until the next or previous
contents are displayed.
Context help
General information
The section of the Owner's Manual relating to
the function that is currently selected can be dis‐
played directly.
Opening via iDrive
Change directly to the Options menu from the
function on the Control Display:
1. Press the button.
2. "Owner's Manual"
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Owner's Manual media
Online Edition for Part no. 01402779051 - II/19

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