2005 BMW 325ci Convertible Owner's Manual

2005 BMW 325ci Convertible Owner's Manual
Posted on 18 Jul, 2015
Model: 2005 BMW 325ci Convertible
Pages: 53

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Roadside Assistance service representative will determine the type of help required. A service provider will be dispatched to the Towing requests for vehicles disabled because site of your disabled vehicle. Claims received after that time period are the responsibility of the owner/driver.

Auto Valet will help you locate a rental car or taxi agency, hotel or even help procure airline reservations. In event of an emergency, this service will assist you in getting information out to the proper party whether it's business or personal. If unable to contact, the message relay service will document the information, and will make 28.

Manual Cover
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Year 2005
Make BMW
Model 325ci Convertible
Language English
Pages 53
Filetype PDF (Download)
File size 1 MB

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