2006 BMW 325i — Owner's Manual

Posted on 23 May, 2015
Model: 2006 BMW 325i
Pages: 166

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Manual Description
Interior and exterior mirrors, automatic dimming feature. The automatic dimming feature of the interior and exterior mirrors* is controlled by two photo cells in the interior rearview mirror. One photo cell is in the mirror frame, see arrow; the other is on the back of the mirror. In order to ensure that the system functions correctly, keep the photo cells clean, do not cover the area between the interior rearview mirror and windshield, and do not affix adhesive labels or stickers of any kind to the windshield directly in front of the mirror.

Driving in wet conditions. When roads are wet or there is heavy rain, briefly exert gentle pressure on the brake pedal every few miles. Monitor traffic conditions to ensure that this maneuver does not endanger other road users. The heat generated in this process helps dry the pads and rotors to ensure that full braking efficiency will then be available when you need it.

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