2012 BMW 328i Sedan — Owner's Manual

Posted on 23 May, 2015
Model: 2012 BMW 328i Sedan
Pages: 325

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Manual Description
All standard, country-specific and optional equipment that is offered in the model series is described in this chapter. Therefore, equipment is also described that is not available in a vehicle, e.g., because of the selected optional equipment or country variant. This also applies for safety-related functions and systems. Brake system: Brakes require an initial break-in period of ap‐ prox.

300 miles/500 km to achieve optimized contact and wear patterns between brake pads and discs. Drive moderately during this break-in period. Do not remove the heat shields installed and never apply undercoating to them. When driv‐ ing, standing at idle and while parking, take care to avoid possible contact between the hot exhaust system and any highly flammable materials such as hay, leaves, grass, etc.

Such contact could lead to a fire, and with it the risk of serious personal injury as well as property damage. Do not touch hot exhaust pipes; otherwise, there is the danger of getting burned. Braking safely: Your vehicle is equipped with ABS as a standard feature. Applying the brakes fully is the most effective way of braking in situations when this is neces‐ sary.

The vehicle maintains steering responsiveness. You can still avoid any obstacles with a minimum of steering effort. Pulsation of the brake pedal and sounds from the hydraulic circuits indicate that ABS is in its active mode.

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