2012 BMW 740i Sedan — Owner's Manual

Posted on 23 May, 2015
Model: 2012 BMW 740i Sedan
Pages: 299

File size: 8 MB

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Manual Description
Supplementary information can be found in the additional bro‐ chures in the onboard literature. Indicates precautions that must be followed On right-hand drive vehicles, some controls are precisely in order to avoid the possibility of per‐ arranged differently than shown in the illustra‐ sonal injury and serious damage to the vehicle. Seite 8 erate your vehicle in another country or region, you may be required to adapt your vehicle to meet different prevailing operating conditions and homologation requirements.

You should Notes also be aware of any applicable warranty limita‐ tions or exclusions for such country or region. You can also obtain other information about mo‐ tor vehicle safety from http://www. You can also obtain other information about motor vehi‐ cle safety from http://www.

At a glance These overviews of buttons, switches and displays are intended to familiarize you with your vehicle. You will also become quickly acquainted with the available control concepts and options. Several of the lamps are checked for proper Front fog lamps* functioning when the engine is started or the ig‐ nition is switched on, and light up briefly in the process.

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