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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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The high-beam Assistant is deactivated when
manually switching the high beams on and off,
refer to page 75. To reactivate the high-beam
Assistant, press the button on the turn signal
System limits
The high-beam Assistant cannot serve as a
substitute for the driver's personal judgment of
when to use the high beams. Therefore, man‐
ually switch off the high beams in situations
where required to avoid a safety risk.
The system is not fully functional in the follow‐
ing situations, and driver intervention may be
In very unfavorable weather conditions,
such as fog or heavy precipitation.
When detecting poorly-lit road users such
as pedestrians, cyclists, horseback riders
and wagons; when driving close to train or
ship traffic; and at animal crossings.
In tight curves, on hilltops or in depres‐
sions, in cross traffic or half-obscured on‐
coming traffic on highways.
In poorly-lit towns and cities and in the
presence of highly reflective signs.
When the windshield in front of the interior
mirror is fogged over, dirty or covered with
stickers, etc.
Fog lights
Front fog lights
Functional requirement
The low beams must be switched on.
Switching on/off
Press button. The green indicator light
lights up if the front fog lights are
switched on.
If the automatic headlight control, refer to
page 101, is activated, the low beams will
come on automatically when you switch on the
front fog lights.
When the high beams or headlight flasher are
activated, the front fog lights are not switched
Instrument lighting
The parking lights or low beams
must be switched on to adjust
the brightness.
Adjust the brightness with the
Interior lights
General information
Depending on the equipment, the interior
lights, footwell lights, entry lamps, and cour‐
tesy lamps are controlled automatically.
Thumb wheel for the instrument lighting con‐
trols brightness of some of these features.
1 Interior lights
2 Reading lights
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Lights Controls
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