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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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The system does not measure the actual infla‐
tion pressure in the tires.
Functional requirements
The system must have been initialized when
the tire inflation pressure was correct; other‐
wise, reliable flagging of a flat tire is not as‐
sured. Initialize the system after each correc‐
tion of the tire inflation pressure and after
every tire or wheel change.
Status display
The current status of the Flat Tire Monitor can
be displayed on the Control Display, e.g.,
whether or not the FTM is active.
"Vehicle info"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Flat Tire Monitor (FTM)"
The status is displayed.
When initializing, the set tire inflation pres‐
sures serve as reference values in order to de‐
tect a flat tire. Initialization is started by con‐
firming the tire inflation pressures.
Do not initialize the system when driving with
snow chains.
On the Control Display:
"Vehicle info"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Perform reset"
4. Start the engine but do not drive off.
5. Start the initialization with: "Perform reset".
6. Drive away.
The initialization is completed while driving,
which can be interrupted at any time.
The initialization automatically continues when
driving resumes.
Indication of a flat tire
The yellow warning lamp lights up. A
Check Control message is displayed.
There is a flat tire or a major loss in tire
inflation pressure.
1. Reduce your speed and stop cautiously.
Avoid sudden braking and steering maneu‐
2. Check whether the vehicle is fitted with
normal tires or run-flat tires.
Run-flat tires, refer to page 200, are la‐
beled with a circular symbol containing the
letters RSC marked on the tire's sidewall.
A damaged regular tire with low or miss‐
ing tire inflation pressure impacts handling,
such as steering and braking response. Run-
flat tires can maintain limited stability. There is
a risk of an accident. Do not continue driving if
the vehicle is equipped with normal tires. Fol‐
low the information on run-flat tires and contin‐
ued driving with these tires.◀
When a flat tire is indicated, DSC Dynamic Sta‐
bility Control is switched on, if needed.
System limits
A natural, even tire inflation pressure loss in all
four tires will not be recognized. Therefore,
check the tire inflation pressure regularly.
Sudden serious tire damage caused by exter‐
nal circumstances cannot be recognized in ad‐
The system could be delayed or malfunction in
the following situations:
When the system has not been initialized.
When driving on a snowy or slippery road
Sporty driving style: spinning traction
wheels, high lateral acceleration (drifting).
When driving with snow chains.
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