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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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braking are delayed in order to avoid false sys‐
tem reactions.
General information
The system warns at two levels of an imminent
danger of collision at speeds from approx.
3 mph/5 km/h. Time of warnings may vary with
the current driving situation.
Appropriate braking kicks in at speeds of up to
40 mph/60 km/h.
Detection range
Objects that the system can detect are taken
into account.
Safety information
Indicators and warnings do not relieve
the driver from personal responsibility. Due to
system limits, warnings or reactions of the sys‐
tem may not be output or they may be output
too late or incorrectly. There is a risk of an ac‐
cident. Adjust the driving style to the traffic
conditions. Watch traffic closely and actively
intervene in the respective situations.◀
Due to system limits, individual functions
can malfunction during tow-starting/towing
with the Intelligent Safety systems activated,
e.g., approach control warning with light brak‐
ing function. There is a risk of an accident.
Switch all Intelligent Safety systems off prior to
Button in the vehicle
Intelligent Safety button
The camera is installed near the interior mirror.
Keep the windshield in front of the interior mir‐
ror clean and clear.
Switching on/off
Switching on automatically
The system is automatically active after every
driving off.
Switching on/off manually
Press button briefly:
The menu for the intelligent safety
system is displayed. The systems
are individually switched off ac‐
cording to their respective set‐
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Controls Safety
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