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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Press the rocker switch down past the
point of resistance: when driving forward,
the speed decreases to approx.
6 mph/10 km/h; when reversing, the speed
decreases to approx. 4 mph/6 km/h.
Activating HDC
Press button; the LED above the button
lights up.
Deactivating HDC
Press button again. The LED goes out.
HDC is automatically deactivated above
approx. 37 mph/60 km/h.
Display in the instrument cluster
The selected speed is displayed
in the speedometer.
Green: the system is actively
braking the vehicle.
Orange: the system is on
A message is displayed in the instrument clus‐
ter. HDC is not available, for instance, at ele‐
vated brake temperatures.
The Servotronic varies the steering force re‐
quired to turn the wheels in accordance with
the vehicle speed. At low speeds, the steering
force is strongly supported, i. e. during steer‐
ing, low force is required. As the speed in‐
creases, the assistance of the steering force is
Furthermore, the steering force adapts accord‐
ing to the driving program, so that a direct,
sporty feel and/or comfortable steering is con‐
Variable sport steering
The variable sport steering increases the
steering angle of the front wheels at large
steering wheel angles, e.g., in tight curves or
when parking. Steering becomes more direct.
It also varies the force required to turn the
wheels in accordance with the vehicle speed.
This results in a sporty steering response. In
addition, it becomes easier to steer during
parking and maneuvering.
Driving Dynamics Control
The Driving Dynamics Control helps to fine-
tune the vehicle's settings and features. Vari‐
ous programs can be selected for this purpose.
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Controls Driving stability control systems
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