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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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When fast approaching standing vehicles.
There is a risk of injuries or danger to life.
Watch traffic closely and actively intervene in
the respective situations.◀
Buttons on the steering wheel
Button Function
Cruise control on/off, refer to
page 132.
Store/maintain speed, refer to
page 133.
Pause cruise control, refer to
page 132.
Continue cruise control with the last
setting, refer to page 134.
Reduce distance, refer to page 133.
Increase distance, refer to
page 133.
Rocker switch.
Set speed, refer to page 133.
A camera in the area of the interior mirror
serves to detect vehicles.
Keep the windshield in front of the interior mir‐
ror clean and clear.
Functional requirements
Speed range
The system is best used on well-constructed
The desired speed can be set between
20 mph/30 km/h and 85 mph/140 km/h.
The system can also be activated when sta‐
Switching on/off and interrupting
cruise control
Switching on
Press button on the steering wheel.
The indicator lights in the instrument cluster
light up and the mark in the speedometer is set
to the current speed.
Cruise control is active and maintains the set
DSC will be switched on, if needed.
Switching off
To switch off the system while standing, step
on brake pedal at the same time.
Press button on the steering wheel.
The displays go out. The stored desired speed
is deleted.
Interrupting manually
Press button on the steering wheel.
If interrupting the system while stationary,
press on the brake pedal at the same time.
Interrupting automatically
The system is automatically interrupted in the
following situations:
When the driver applies the brakes.
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Controls Driving comfort
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