2017 BMW X1 — Owner's Manual – Page #136

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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For oncoming traffic.
Unlit vehicles or vehicles with nonworking
lighting at night.
Swerving vehicles
A vehicle driving in front of you is not detected
until it is completely within the same lane as
your vehicle.
If a vehicle driving ahead of you suddenly
swerves into your lane, the system may not be
able to automatically restore the selected dis‐
tance. This also applies to major speed differ‐
ences to vehicles driving ahead of you, e.g.,
when rapidly approaching a truck. When a ve‐
hicle driving ahead of you is reliably detected,
the system requests that the driver intervene
by braking and carrying out evasive maneu‐
vers, if needed.
If the desired speed is too high for a curve, the
speed is reduced slightly, although curves can‐
not be anticipated in advance. Therefore, drive
into a curve at an appropriate speed.
In tight curves the system offers only restricted
detection where a vehicle ahead of you might
be detected late or not at all.
When you approach a curve the system may
briefly report vehicles in the next lane due to
the bend of the curve. If the system deceler‐
ates you may compensate it by briefly acceler‐
ating. After releasing the accelerator pedal the
system is reactivated and controls speed inde‐
Driving away
In some situations, the vehicle cannot drive off
automatically; for example:
On steep inclines.
From bumps in the road.
In these cases, press on the accelerator pedal.
In the event of unfavorable weather and light
conditions, e.g., if there is rain, snowfall, slush,
fog or glare, this may result in poorer recogni‐
tion of vehicles as well as short-term interrup‐
tions for vehicles that are already detected.
Drive attentively, and react to the current traffic
situation. If necessary, intervene actively, e.g.,
by braking, steering or evading.
Engine power
The desired speed may not be maintained on
uphill grades if engine power is insufficient.
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