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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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A Check Control message is displayed if the
system fails or was automatically deactivated.
The system may not be fully functional in the
following situations:
When an object was not correctly de‐
In heavy fog, rain, sprayed water or snow‐
In tight curves.
If the field of view of the camera or the
windshield are dirty or covered.
When driving toward bright lights.
Up to 20 seconds after the start of the en‐
gine, via the Start/Stop button.
During calibration of the camera immedi‐
ately after vehicle delivery.
Cruise control
Using this system, a desired speed can be ad‐
justed using the buttons on the steering wheel.
The system maintains the desired speed. The
system accelerates and brakes automatically
as needed.
General information
Depending on the driving settings, the features
of the cruise control can change in certain
Safety information
The system does not release from the
personal responsibility to correctly assess the
traffic situation. Based on the limits of the sys‐
tem, it cannot independently react to all traffic
situations. There is a risk of an accident. Adjust
the driving style to the traffic conditions. Watch
traffic closely and actively intervene in the re‐
spective situations.◀
The use of the system can lead to an in‐
creased risk of accidents in the following situa‐
On winding roads.
In heavy traffic.
On slippery roads, in fog, snow or rain, or
on a loose road surface.
There is a risk of accidents or risk of property
damage. Only use the system if driving at con‐
stant speed is possible.◀
The desired speed can be incorrectly ad‐
justed or called up by mistake. There is a risk
of an accident. Adjust the desired speed to the
traffic conditions. Watch traffic closely and ac‐
tively intervene in the respective situations.◀
Buttons on the steering wheel
Button Function
Cruise control on/off, refer to
page 138.
Store speed, refer to page 138.
Pause cruise control, refer to
page 138.
Continue cruise control with the last
setting, refer to page 139.
Rocker switch: adjust speed, refer to
page 138.
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Driving comfort Controls
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