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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Display on the Control Display
System activated/deactivated
Symbol Meaning
Gray: the system is not available.
White: the system is available but
not activated.
The system is activated.
Parking space search and system
Colored symbols, see arrows, on the side
of the vehicle image; the parking assistant
is activated and the parking space search
is active.
Control Display shows suitable parking
spaces at the edge of the road next to the
vehicle symbol. When the parking assistant
is active, suitable parking spaces are high‐
The parking procedure is ac‐
tive. Steering control has
been taken over by system.
Parking space search is always active
whenever the vehicle is moving forward
slow and straight, even if the system is de‐
activated. When the system is deactivated,
the displays on the Control Display are
shown in gray.
Parking using the parking assistant
Press park assistance button or shift
into reverse gear to switch the parking as‐
sistant on, refer to page 146. Activate the
parking assistant, if needed.
Parking assistant is activated.
2. Pass the row of parked vehicles at a speed
of up to approx. 22 mph/35 km/h and at a
distance of maximum 5 ft/1.5 m.
The status of the parking space search and
possible parking spaces are displayed on
the Control Display, refer to page 147.
3. Follow the instructions on the display.
The best possible parking position will
come after gear change on the stationary
vehicle - wait for the automatic steering
wheel move.
The end of the parking procedure is indi‐
cated on the display.
4. Adjust the parking position yourself, if
Interrupting manually
The parking assistant can be interrupted at any
"Parking Assistant"
Press park assistance button.
Interrupting automatically
The system is interrupted automatically in the
following situations:
If the driver grasps the steering wheel or
takes over steering.
If a gear is selected that does not match
the instruction on the display.
If the vehicle speed exceeds approx.
6 mph/10 km/h.
Possibly on snow-covered or slippery road
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