2017 BMW X1 — Owner's Manual – Page #152

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
Pages: 256

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Turn the wheel to select the de‐
sired program or the desired in‐
termediate setting.
Upper body region.
Floor area.
Windows, upper body region, and floor
Defrosting windows and removing
Direct the air distribution toward windows, in‐
crease the air flow and temperature, and if
needed, use the cooling function.
Rear window defroster
Press button. The LED lights up.
The rear window defroster switches
off automatically after a certain period of time.
For permanent activation, press the button for
longer than 3 seconds. To deactivate, press
the button again.
In external and recirculated-air mode the mi‐
crofilter filters dust and pollen from the air.
Have this filter changed during vehicle mainte‐
nance, refer to page 217.
Automatic climate control
1 Defrosting windows and removing conden‐
2 Temperature, left
3 AUTO program
4 Switching off the system
5 Air flow, AUTO intensity
6 Display
Seite 152
Controls Climate control
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