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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Microfilter/activated-charcoal filter
In external and recirculated-air mode the mi‐
crofilter/activated charcoal filter filters dust,
pollen, and gaseous pollutants out of the air.
Have this filter changed during vehicle mainte‐
nance, refer to page 217.
Front ventilation
Lever for changing the air flow direction,
arrow 1.
Thumbwheels for opening and closing the
vents continuously, arrows 2.
Ventilation for cooling:
Direct vent in your direction when vehicle's
interior is too hot.
Draft-free ventilation:
Adjust the vent to let the air flow past you.
Ventilation in the rear
Lever for changing the air flow direction,
arrow 1.
Thumbwheel for variable opening and
closing of the vents, arrow 2.
Parked-vehicle ventilation
The parked-vehicle ventilation ventilates the
vehicle interior and lowers its temperature, if
The system can be switched on and off at any
external temperature, either directly or by us‐
ing two preset activation times. It remains
switched on for 30 minutes.
Open the vents to allow air to flow out.
Switching on/off directly
On the Control Display:
2. "Climate"
3. "Activate comf. ventilation"
The symbol on the automatic climate con‐
trol flashes if the system is switched on.
Preselecting the activation time
Using iDrive:
2. "Climate"
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Controls Climate control
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