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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Additional storage
compartments in the
vehicle's interior
Storage compartment under the
driver's seat
Storage compartment for small objects.
Retaining strap in the floor area of the
front passenger
In the passenger side foot area, there is a re‐
taining strap for fastening smaller objects.
Nets on the backrests of the front
The nets on the backrests of the front seats
can also be used to store small parts.
Storage compartments in the
cargo area
Side storage compartments, left and
Storage compartments are located on the right
and left sides.
Net for storage compartment
Smaller objects can be stored in the net of
right storage compartment.
Multi-function hook
Improper use of the multi-function hooks
can lead to a risk of objects flying about during
braking and evasive maneuvers. There is a risk
of injury and risk of property damage. Only
hang lightweight objects, e.g., shopping bags,
from the multi-function hooks. Only transport
heavy luggage in the cargo area if it has been
appropriately secured.◀
A multi-function hook is located on each side
of the cargo area.
Lashing eyes in the cargo area
To secure the cargo, refer to page 179, there
are lashing eyes in the cargo area.
Storage space under cargo floor panel
The cargo floor panel can be folded. To open
the cargo floor panel, lift slightly and push to‐
ward the front.
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Storage compartments Controls
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