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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Safety information
Objects in unpaved areas, e.g., stones or
branches, can damage the vehicle. There is a
risk of property damage. Do not drive on un‐
paved terrain.◀
When driving on poor roads
For your own safety, for the safety of passen‐
gers and of the vehicle, heed the following
Become familiar with the vehicle before
starting a trip; do not take risks while driv‐
Adjust the speed to the road surface con‐
ditions. The steeper and more uneven the
road surface, the slower the speed should
When driving on steep uphill or downhill
grades: add engine oil and coolant up to
near the MAX mark.
On steep downhill grades, use Hill Descent
Control HDC.
Avoid that the chassis bottom coming in
contact with the ground.
The ground clearance is no more than
7.8 inches/20 cm and can vary according
to the vehicle's load.
When wheels continue to spin, depress the
accelerator so that driving stability control
systems can distribute the driving force to
the wheels. Activate DTC Dynamic Trac‐
tion Control if available.
After a trip on poor roads
After a trip on poor roads, check wheels and
tires for damage to maintain driving safety.
Clear heavy soiling from the body.
General driving notes
Closing the tailgate
An open tailgate protrudes from the vehi‐
cle and can endanger occupants and other
traffic participants or damage the vehicle in the
event of an accident, braking or evasive ma‐
neuvers. In addition, exhaust fumes may enter
the vehicle interior. There is a risk of injury or
risk of damage to property. Do not drive with
the tailgate open.◀
If driving with the tailgate open cannot be
Close all windows and the glass sunroof.
Greatly increase the air flow from the vents.
Drive moderately.
Hot exhaust system
During driving operation, high tempera‐
tures can occur underneath the vehicle body,
e.g., caused by the exhaust gas system. If
combustible materials, such as leaves or grass,
come in contact with hot parts of the exhaust
gas system, these materials can ignite. There
is a risk of injury or risk of property damage. Do
not remove the heat shields installed and never
apply undercoating to them. Make sure that no
combustible materials can come in contact
with hot vehicle parts in driving operation, idle
or during parking. Do not touch the hot ex‐
haust system.◀
Mobile communication devices in the
Vehicle electronics and mobile phones
can influence one another. There is radiation
due to the transmission operations of mobile
phones. There is a risk of injury or risk of prop‐
erty damage. If possible, in the vehicle's inte‐
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