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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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all. There is a risk of an accident. Do not drive
in idle state or with the engine switched off.◀
Drive long or steep downhill gradients in the
gear that requires least braking effort. Other‐
wise, the brakes may overheat and reduce
brake efficiency.
You can increase the engine's braking effect
by shifting down, going all the way to first gear,
if needed.
Brake disc corrosion
Corrosion on the brake discs and contamina‐
tion on the brake pads are increased by the fol‐
lowing circumstances:
Low mileage.
Extended periods when the vehicle is not
used at all.
Infrequent use of the brakes.
Aggressive, acidic, or alkaline cleaning
Corrosion buildup on the brake discs will cause
a pulsating effect on the brakes in their re‐
sponse - generally this cannot be corrected.
Condensation water under the parked
When using the automatic climate control,
condensation water develops and collects un‐
derneath the vehicle.
Driving on racetracks
Higher mechanical and thermal loads during
racetrack operation lead to increased wear.
This wear is not covered by the warranty. The
vehicle is not designed for use in motor sports
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