2017 BMW X1 — Owner's Manual – Page #183

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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General information
The system includes the following EfficientDy‐
namics functions and displays:
ECO PRO bonus range, refer to page 183.
ECO PRO tips driving instruction, refer to
page 184.
ECO PRO climate control, refer to
page 183.
ECO PRO coasting driving condition, refer
to page 185.
ECO PRO driving style analysis, refer to
page 186.
Driving Dynamics Control
Activating ECO PRO
Press button repeatedly until ECO
PRO is displayed in the instrument
Configuring ECO PRO
Via the Driving Dynamics Control
Activate ECO PRO.
2. "Configure ECO PRO"
Using iDrive
2. "Driving mode"
3. "Configure ECO PRO"
ECO PRO limit
"ECO PRO speed warning":
An ECO PRO tip is displayed if the speed
of the set ECO PRO limit is exceeded.
"Tip at:":
Set the desired ECO PRO speed.
ECO PRO climate control
To activate ECO PRO climate control:
"ECO PRO climate control"
Climate control is set to be fuel-efficient.
By making a slight change to the set tempera‐
ture, or slowly adjusting the rate of heating or
cooling of the vehicle's interior, fuel consump‐
tion can be economized.
The mirror heating is made available when out‐
side temperatures are very cold.
To activate coasting:
Fuel-efficiency can be optimized by disengag‐
ing the engine and coasting with the engine
This function is only available in ECO PRO
Deactivate the function to use the braking ef‐
fect of the engine when traveling downhill.
ECO PRO potential savings
Shows potential savings with the current set‐
tings in percentages.
Display in the instrument cluster
ECO PRO bonus range
An adjusted driving style helps
you extend your driving range.
This may be displayed as the
bonus range in the instrument
Seite 183
Saving fuel Driving tips
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