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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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2. "EfficientDynamics"
Displaying fuel consumption history
Depending on your vehicle's equipment, infor‐
mation on average fuel consumption can be
The average fuel consumption can be dis‐
played within an adjustable time frame.
Vertical bars show consumption for the se‐
lected time frame.
Trip interruptions are represented below the
bar on the time axis.
"Consumption history"
Adjusting the fuel consumption
history time frame
Select the symbol.
2. Adjust the time frame.
Resetting fuel consumption history
Open "Options".
2. "Reset consumption history"
Displaying EfficientDynamics info
The current efficiency can be displayed.
"EfficientDynamics info"
The following systems are displayed:
Auto Start/Stop function.
Energy recovery.
Climate control output.
Display ECO PRO tips
"ECO PRO tips"
Settings are stored for the profile currently
The function helps to conserve fuel.
To do this, under certain conditions the engine
is automatically decoupled from the transmis‐
sion when selector lever position D is set. The
vehicle continues traveling with the engine
idling to reduce fuel consumption. Selector
lever position D remains engaged.
This driving condition is referred to as coast‐
As soon as you step on the brake or accelera‐
tor pedal, the engine is automatically coupled
General information
Coasting is a component of the ECO PRO driv‐
ing mode.
Coasting is automatically activated when ECO
PRO mode is called via the Driving Dynamics
The function is available in a certain speed
A proactive driving style helps the driver to use
the function often and supports the fuel-con‐
serving effect of coasting.
Functional requirements
In ECO PRO mode, this function is available in
a speed range from approximately
30 mph/50 km/h to 100 mph/160 km/h if the
following conditions are met:
Accelerator pedal and brake pedal are not
The selector lever is in selector lever posi‐
tion D.
Engine and transmission are at operating
Operation via shift paddles
Depending on your vehicle's equipment, the
coasting mode can be influenced with the shift
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