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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Safety information
Wheels and tires which are not suitable
for your vehicle can damage parts of the vehi‐
cle, for instance due to contact with the body
due to tolerances despite the same official size
rating. There is a risk of an accident. The man‐
ufacturer of your vehicle strongly suggests
that you use wheels and tires that have been
recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for
your vehicle type.◀
Recommended tire brands
For each tire size, BMW recommends certain
tire brands. These can be identified by a star
on the tire sidewall.
New tires
Tire traction is not optimal due to manufactur‐
ing circumstances when tires are brand-new;
they achieve their full traction potential after a
break-in time.
Drive conservatively for the first
200 miles/300 km.
Retreaded tires
The manufacturer of your vehicle does not rec‐
ommend the use of retreaded tires.
Retreaded tires can have different tire
casing structures. With advanced age the serv‐
ice life can be limited. There is a risk of an acci‐
dent. The manufacturer of your vehicle does
not recommend the use of retreaded tires.◀
Winter tires
Winter tires are recommended for operating on
winter roads.
Although so-called all-season M+S tires pro‐
vide better winter traction than summer tires,
they do not provide the same level of perform‐
ance as winter tires.
Maximum speed of winter tires
If the maximum speed of the vehicle is higher
than the permissible speed for the winter tires,
then attach a corresponding information label/
sticker in the field of view. The label is available
from a dealer’s service center or another quali‐
fied service center or repair shop.
With mounted winter tires, observe and adhere
to the permissible maximum speed.
Run-flat tires
If you are already using run-flat tires, for your
own safety you should replace them only with
the same kind. No spare tire is available in the
case of a flat tire. Further information is availa‐
ble from a dealer’s service center or another
qualified service center or repair shop.
Rotating wheels between axles
Different wear patterns can occur on the front
and rear axles depending on individual driving
conditions. The tires can be rotated between
the axles to achieve even wear. Further infor‐
mation is available from a dealer’s service cen‐
ter or another qualified service center or repair
shop. After rotating, check the tire pressure
and correct, if needed.
Store wheels and tires in a cool, dry and dark
Always protect tires against all contact with oil,
grease and fuels.
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