2017 BMW X1 — Owner's Manual – Page #201

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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General information
Follow the instructions on using the Mobi‐
lity System found on the compressor and
sealant container.
Use of the Mobility System may be ineffec‐
tive if the tire puncture measures approx.
1/8 inches/4 mm or more.
Contact a dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair
shop if the tire cannot be made drivable.
If possible, do not remove foreign bodies
that have penetrated the tire.
Pull the speed limit sticker off the sealant
container and apply it to the steering
The use of a sealant can damage the TPM
wheel electronics. In this case, have the
electronics checked and replaced at the
next opportunity.
The Mobility System is located under the
cargo floor panel.
Sealant container
Sealant container, arrow 1.
Filling hose, arrow 2.
Observe use-by date on the sealant container.
1 Sealant container unlocking
2 Holder for sealant container
3 Inflation pressure dial
4 Reduce inflation pressure
5 On/off switch
6 Compressor
7 Connector/cable for socket
8 Connection hose
Filling the tire with sealant
Safety information
If the exhaust pipe is blocked or ventila‐
tion is insufficient, harmful exhaust gases can
enter into the vehicle. The exhaust gases con‐
tain carbon monoxide, an odorless and color‐
less but highly toxic gas. In enclosed areas, ex‐
haust gases can also accumulate outside of
the vehicle. There is danger to life. Keep the
exhaust pipe free and ensure sufficient ventila‐
The compressor can overheat during ex‐
tended operation. There is a risk of property
damage. Do not run the compressor for more
than 10 min.◀
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Wheels and tires Mobility
Online Edition for Part no. 01 40 2 974 556 - X/16

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