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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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do not change this position while using the ve‐
hicle jack.◀
1. Hold the vehicle jack with one hand, ar‐
row 1, and grasp the crank with your other
hand, arrow 2.
2. Insert the vehicle jack into the rectangular
recess of the jacking point closest to the
wheel to be changed.
3. Extend the vehicle jack by turning the
crank or lever clockwise.
4. Take your hand away from the jack as soon
as the vehicle jack is under load and con‐
tinue turning the crank or lever with one
5. Make sure that the vehicle jack foot is ex‐
tended vertically.
6. Make sure that the vehicle jack foot stands
vertically and perpendicularly beneath the
jacking point after extending the vehicle
7. Crank up the vehicle jack until the entire
surface of the jack is in contact with the
ground and the wheel in question is raised
a maximum of 1.2 inches/3 cm off the
Mounting a wheel
Mount one emergency wheel only.
Unscrew the lug bolts and remove the
2. Put the new wheel or emergency wheel on
and screw in at least two bolts in a cross‐
wise pattern until hand-tight.
If non-original light-alloy wheels of the ve‐
hicle manufacturer are mounted, the ac‐
companying lug bolts may have to be used
as well.
3. Hand-tighten the remaining lug bolts and
tighten all bolts well in a crosswise pattern.
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