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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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4. Turn the crank on the vehicle jack counter‐
clockwise to retract the jack and lower the
5. Remove the vehicle jack.
After the wheel change
1. Tighten the lug bolts crosswise. The tight‐
ening torque is 101 lb ft/140 Nm.
2. Stow the nonworking wheel in the cargo
The nonworking wheel cannot be stored
under the cargo floor panel because of its
3. Check tire inflation pressure at the next op‐
portunity and correct as needed.
4. Reinitialize the Flat Tire Monitor.
Reset the Tire Pressure Monitor.
5. Check to make sure the lug bolts are tight
with a calibrated torque wrench.
6. Drive to the nearest dealer’s service center
or another qualified service center or repair
shop to have the damaged tire replaced.
emergency wheel
General information
In the event of a flat tire, the emergency wheel
can be used in place of the wheel with the de‐
fective tire. The emergency wheel is only in‐
tended for temporary use to allow you to get
the defective tire/wheel replaced.
Safety information
The emergency wheel has particular di‐
mensions. When driving with an emergency
wheel, changed driving properties may occur
at higher speeds, e.g., reduced lane stability
when braking, longer braking distance and
changed self-steering properties in the limit
area. There is a risk of an accident. Drive mod‐
erately and do not exceed a speed of
50 mph/80 km/h.◀
Removing the emergency wheel
The emergency wheel and the tools are lo‐
cated in the cargo area under the cargo floor
1. Unscrew the wing nut.
2. Remove the cover.
3. Remove the tool holder.
4. Slide the emergency wheel to the left and
remove it.
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