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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Opens new panel on top of previous
White arrows pointing to the left or right indi‐
cate that additional panels can be opened.
Opening the Options menu
Press button.
The "Options" menu is displayed.
Additional options: move the controller to the
right repeatedly until the "Options" menu is
Options menu
The "Options" menu consists of various areas:
Screen settings, e.g., "Split screen".
Control options for the selected main
menu, e.g., for "Radio".
If applicable, further operating options for
the selected menu, e.g., "Store station".
Changing settings
Select a field.
2. Turn the controller until the desired setting
is displayed.
3. Press the controller.
Activating/deactivating the functions
Several menu items are preceded by a check‐
box. It indicates whether the function is acti‐
vated or deactivated. Selecting the menu item
activates or deactivates the function.
Function is activated.
Function is deactivated.
Some iDrive functions can be operated using
the touchpad on the controller.
Selecting functions
2. "Touchpad"
3. Select the desired function.
"Speller": enter letters and numbers.
"Interactive map": use the interactive
"Browser": enter Internet addresses.
"Audio feedback": pronounces entered
letters and numbers.
Entering letters and numbers
Entering letters requires some practice at the
beginning. When entering, pay attention to the
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iDrive At a glance
Online Edition for Part no. 01 40 2 974 556 - X/16

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