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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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2. Pull out the cover at the recessed grip.
3. Remove the plug from the bulb holder.
Replacing reversing light and inner brake
Loosen the fasteners, arrow 1, on the bulb
Remove the bulb holder from the tail light,
arrow 2.
2. Press the nonworking bulb gently into the
socket, turn counterclockwise and remove.
Upper bulb: reversing light
Lower bulb: inner brake light
Only vehicles with halogen headlights:
Lower bulb, 5-watt: tail light
Installing the bulb holder
Proceed in the reverse order to insert the
new bulb and attach the bulb holder.
Connect the plug to the bulb holder.
2. Make sure that the bulb holder is correctly
and firmly seated.
Central brake lamp and license plate
Observe the safety information, refer to
page 220.
These lights are made using LED technology.
In the case of a malfunction, contact a dealer’s
service center or another qualified service cen‐
ter or repair shop.
Vehicle battery
The battery is maintenance-free.
The added amount of acid is sufficient for the
service life of the battery.
More information about the battery can be re‐
quested from a dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair shop.
Replacing the vehicle battery
General information
After a battery replacement, the manufacturer
of your vehicle recommends that the vehicle
battery be registered on the vehicle by a deal‐
er’s service center or another qualified service
center or repair shop to ensure that all comfort
features are fully available and that any Check
Control messages of these comfort features
are no longer displayed.
Safety information
Vehicle batteries that are not compatible
can damage vehicle systems and impair vehi‐
cle functions. There is a risk of personal and
property damage. Only vehicle batteries that
are compatible with your vehicle type should
be installed in your vehicle. Information on
compatible vehicle batteries is available at your
dealer’s service center.◀
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