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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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6. Turn the controller to set the hours, and
then press the controller.
7. Turn the controller to set the minutes, and
then press the controller.
Status information
Status field
The following information is displayed in the
status field at the top right:
Current entertainment source.
Sound output, on/off.
Signal strength of cellular network.
Phone status.
Traffic bulletin reception.
Status field symbols
The symbols are grouped as follows:
Radio symbols
Symbol Meaning
HD Radio station is being received.
Satellite radio is switched on.
Telephone symbols
Symbol Meaning
Incoming or outgoing call.
Missed call.
Signal strength of cellular network.
Symbol flashes: network search.
Cellular network is not available.
Bluetooth is switched on.
Roaming is active.
Symbol Meaning
SMS text message received.
Check the SIM card.
SIM card is blocked.
SIM card is missing.
Enter PIN.
Entertainment symbols
Symbol Meaning
CD/DVD player.
AUX-IN port.
USB audio interface.
Mobile phone audio interface.
Additional symbols
Symbol Meaning
The sound output has been
switched off.
Checking the current vehicle posi‐
Split screen
General information
Additional information can be displayed on the
right side of the split screen, e.g., information
from the onboard computer.
In the divided screen view, the so-called split
screen, this information remains visible even
when switching to another menu.
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