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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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the outside when in selector lever position N. A
signal sounds when an attempt is made to lock
the vehicle.
Driving out of a vehicle wash
To start the engine with Steptronic transmis‐
1. Ensure that the vehicle key is in the car.
2. Depress the brake pedal.
3. Press the Start/Stop button.
Do not rub the headlights dry and do not use
abrasive or acidic cleaning agents.
Soak areas that have been dirtied, for instance
from insects, with shampoo and wash off with
Thaw ice with de-icing spray; do not use an ice
After washing the vehicle
After washing the vehicle, apply the brakes
briefly to dry them; otherwise, braking action
can be reduced. The heat generated during
braking dries brake discs and brake pads and
protects them against corrosion.
Completely remove all residues on the win‐
dows, to minimize loss of visibility due to
smearing and to reduce wiper noises and
wiper blade wear.
Vehicle care
Vehicle care products
General information
BMW recommends using vehicle care and
cleaning products from BMW. Suitable care
products are available from a dealer’s service
center or another qualified service center or re‐
pair shop.
Safety information
Cleansers can contain substances that
are dangerous and harmful to your health.
There is a risk of injury. When cleaning the in‐
terior, open the doors or windows. Only use
products intended for cleaning vehicles. Fol‐
low the instructions on the container.◀
Vehicle paint
General information
Regular care contributes to driving safety and
value retention. Environmental influences in
areas with elevated air pollution or natural con‐
taminants, such as tree resin or pollen can af‐
fect the vehicle's paintwork. Tailor the fre‐
quency and extent of your vehicle care to
these influences.
Aggressive substances such as spilled fuel, oil,
grease or bird droppings, must be removed im‐
mediately to prevent the finish from being al‐
tered or discolored.
Leather care
Remove dust from the leather regularly, using
a cloth or vacuum cleaner.
Otherwise, particles of dust and road grime
chafe in pores and folds, and lead to increased
wear and premature degradation of the leather
To guard against discoloration, such as from
clothing, clean leather and provide leather care
roughly every two months.
Clean light-colored leather more frequently be‐
cause soiling on such surfaces is substantially
more visible.
Use leather care products; otherwise, dirt and
grease will gradually break down the protective
layer of the leather surface.
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