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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Upholstery material care
General information
Vacuum the upholstery regularly with a vac‐
uum cleaner.
If upholstery is very dirty, for instance with bev‐
erage stains, use a soft sponge or microfiber
cloth with a suitable interior cleaner.
Clean the upholstery down to the seams using
large sweeping motions. Avoid rubbing the
material vigorously.
Safety information
Open Velcro® fasteners on articles of
clothing can damage the seat covers. There is
a risk of property damage. Ensure that any Vel‐
cro® fasteners are closed.◀
Caring for special components
Light-alloy wheels
When cleaning the vehicle, use only neutral
wheel cleaners having a pH value from 5 to 9.
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents or steam
jets above 140 ℉/60 ℃. Follow the manufac‐
turer's instructions.
Aggressive, acidic or alkaline cleaning agents
can destroy the protective layer of adjacent
components, such as the brake disk.
After cleaning, apply the brakes briefly to dry
them. The heat generated during braking dries
brake discs and brake pads and protects them
against corrosion.
Chrome surfaces
Carefully clean components such as the radia‐
tor grille or door handles with an ample supply
of water, possibly with shampoo added, partic‐
ularly when they have been exposed to road
Rubber components
Environmental influences can cause surface
soiling of rubber parts and a loss of gloss. Use
only water and suitable cleaning agents for
Treat especially worn rubber parts with rubber
care agents at regular intervals. When cleaning
rubber seals, do not use any silicon-containing
vehicle care products in order to avoid damage
or noises.
Fine wood parts
Clean fine wood facing and fine wood compo‐
nents only with a moist rag. Then dry with a
soft cloth.
Plastic components
Cleansers that contain alcohol or sol‐
vents, such as lacquer thinners, heavy-duty
grease removers, fuel, or such, can damage
plastic parts. There is a risk of property dam‐
age. Clean with a microfiber cloth. Dampen
cloth lightly with water.◀
Plastic components are e.g.:
Imitation leather surfaces.
Lamp lenses.
Instrument cluster cover.
Matt black spray-coated components.
Painted parts in the interior.
Clean with a microfiber cloth.
Dampen cloth lightly with water.
Do not soak the roofliner.
Safety belts
Chemical cleansers can destroy the
safety belt webbing. Missing protective effect
of the safety belts. There is a risk of injuries or
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Mobility Care
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